I'm a journalist, whose father was a journalist and killed for being a journalist.


The much longer version is: I was born on Friday February 19, 1982 in Nigeria, West Africa.

I am a multimedia journalist, blogger and journalism trainer and have reported mainly from Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom since 2002.


From development issues, feature articles, high profile court cases of Nigerians on trial abroad to business stories, my work has been published with the Financial Times, Reuters, in the Mail and Guardian South Africa and NEXT newspapers, Nigeria.


Winning Reuters' Niall Fitzgerald Prize For Young African Journalists in 2010, I studied at Wits University South Africa, blogged for its journalism department, was Best Graduating student (Radio) and bagged a postgraduate honours degree with a distinction. I subsequently had an internship at Reuters’ Africa headquarters.


Currently, I conduct training sessions in my birth country Nigeria and most recently in neighbouring Ghana.

I also freelance as a ghost writer and copy editor as I await my next newsroom assignment.